Black Adam Is Leading Halloween Weekend With $25M

Box Office Black Adam Is Leading Halloween Weekend With $25M -Plus, Dwayne Johnson’s superhero pic may drop more than expected in his second outing, while the opposite is true for “Ticket to Paradise.” At the specialty box office, “Til” leads as “Armageddon Time” and “Call Jane” both struggle.

DC and Warner Bros.’ superhero pick Black Adam will have no trouble topping the Halloween weekend box office, though it looks to be falling more than expected.

Based on Friday’s gross, Black Adam is estimated to earn around $25.5 million in his second outing. That’s a 63 percent drop, one of the biggest drops for a film starring Dwayne Johnson (excluding the primary Fast and Furious franchise). Nonetheless, the film will rake in over $100 million at the domestic box office sometime on Saturday, and is projected to end Sunday with a domestic gross of $108 million.

Black Adam Is Leading Halloween Weekend With $25M -Plus

Black Adam Is Leading Halloween Weekend With $25M -Plus

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1 Universal’s romantic comedy Ticket to Paradise is shining on its second weekend and could drop just 37 percent to $10.4 million, for a 10-day domestic total of $34.1 million and north of $100 million globally.

Ticket to Paradise Review-Rating (3.5/5)



Lionsgate’s new horror entry Pre for the Devil is expected to open in third place with a solid $7 million. The film has a lot of competition between Smile, which remains a standout in its fifth weekend, and Halloween Ends.

Paramount’s Smile is set to come in at number four with $5 million as it crosses the $90 million mark domestically. Universal, Blumhouse, and Miramax’s Halloween ends should follow around $3.8 million for a domestic tally of more than $60 million (the picture is also playing in peace).

There’s a lot of action at the special box office as awards season heats up in earnest. MGM and UAR Till, which are expanding to 2,058 theaters nationwide, should come in at number seven with an estimated $2.8 million for a household spend of $3.6 million. The critically acclaimed film received a coveted A+ CinemaScore from the audience.

Tar is also expanding in a big way and should come in at No. 11 with nearly $1 million from 1,087 theaters for Focus facilities for a total of $2.5 million through Sunday.

However, both James Grey’s Armageddon Time and abortion drama Call Jane struggled in their openings.

Also from Focus, Grey’s film is opening in six theaters in New York and Los Angeles. Its estimated opening location average is less than $10,000.

Roadside Attractions opted to roll Call Jane out to 1,070 theaters. The film can earn less than $250,000 on weekends.


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