Goldie Hawn, 76, dances on a trampoline in video

Goldie Hawn can make any activity romp, which the Oscar-winning comedian proved when her son Oliver Hudson recently shared a clip of her workout. The Scream Queens actor took to Instagram on Friday (September 30) to let his fans know that he has recruited his superstar mother to appear on his wife Erin’s unintentionally coupled podcast.

Oliver used the impeccable sense of humor he inherited from Goldie to make the announcement, posting a video of him sweating on a trampoline for Dua Lipa’s.

He wrote alongside the video working out at his mom’s home gym, a woman named @goldiehawn found on our podcast @unconsciouslycoupled. I have come out of his stomach but I am not buying it.

Goldie Hawn, 76, dances on a trampoline in video

Goldie Hawn, 76, dances on a trampoline in a video

Goldie Hawn and Oliver have had a mother/son relationship since welcoming her with her husband Bill Hudson on 7 September 1976. Oliver’s famous sister Kate Hudson was born three years later. The marriage did not last and Bill filed for divorce on 15 August 1980.

Bill’s relationship with Goldie and their two children has been strained. Goldie slammed Oliver and Kate for turning Oliver and Kate against him after Bill started dating Kurt Russell in 2011, when we split, he never had a bad word to say about me, Bill told the Daily Mail. But when Kurt came on the scene, the narrative changed and I became the big, bad wolf.

Goldie Hawn, 76, dances on a trampoline in video

Oliver and Kate have mentioned their estrangement with their father over the years. One Father’s Day, Oliver took to social media to say Happy Abandonment Day, while Kate posted a photo of herself and Kurt.

Kate has made peace. Kate said in a 2016 Howard Stern interview about Bill’s absence during her childhood, “I understood it had nothing to do with Oliver and me.” Having to live with him, and will be painful for him. And so I forgive him.

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