Julie Chrisley seen at Nashville after being sentenced to 7 years

Julie Chrisley seen at Nashville after being sentenced to 7 years. Julie Chrisley was out in the hours after serving a shocking seven years behind bars, and the Chrisley Knows Best star, 49, appeared to be taking the full weight of the news.

In the photos, which you can see here via The Daily Mail, Julie Chrisley looked tired and scared as she strolled outside her palatial home in Nashville, Tennessee, on Tuesday, November 22. And his hair was straight till his shoulders.

The reality TV personality also sported sunglasses on top of her head and went makeup-free for the brief outdoor appearance. Her husband Todd, 53, was absent from the photos, although he also served 12 years in federal prison for the tax fraud scandal that rocked the famous family. Both also received 16 months probation, and reportedly had their show canceled following their harsh sentences.

The shocking sentence was handed down on Monday, Nov. 21, and since then, only daughters Savannah Chrisley, 25, and Lindsey Chrisley, 33, have responded with cryptic social media messages.

In a simple quote posted on Savannah’s Instagram stories on Nov. 21, Noah didn’t stop building the ark, which made her doubt and hate him. Keep building your ark and the rain will talk.

Lindsay posted a short video clip of the two girlfriends sitting on a bed. Best girlfriends look back on the bad times with hugs and champagne, she captioned the clip, which played Bruno Mars’ Count on Me in the background.

Julie Chrisley seen at Nashville after being sentenced to 7 years

Julie Chrisley seen at Nashville after being sentenced to 7 years
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Reality stars and heads of household Julie Chrisley and Todd pleaded guilty to tax fraud on June 7 and initially faced up to 30 years in prison. Todd was convicted of conspiracy to commit bank fraud, conspiracy to defraud the United States, bank fraud, and tax fraud. Julie was convicted of tax fraud, wire fraud, bank fraud, conspiracy to commit bank fraud, and conspiracy to defraud the United States.

The source said that in the days leading up to the harsh punishment, the two had fought over the verdict. Todd and Julie Chrisley are very emotional and nervous right now because they don’t know what their fate is going to be,’ a source told HL for a Nov. 18 report. The whole family is in danger, and they are praying that since Nanny Faye is suffering from bladder cancer and has Chloe and Grayson to care for her, her punishment will not be harsh.

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