megan trailer 2 official 2023

Megan trailer 2 official Weird People tell me that Megan, the first film to come out of a newly formed deal between Jason Blum and James Wan, has got the goods. Based on one report, the latest iteration of the Evil Doll genre is more deranged than it looks. And it sounds crazy!

Megan’s setup is similar to Steven Spielberg’s AI Get Out Allison Williams stars as Gemma, a toy-company roboticist who brings home her latest creation, Megan trailer 2, for her recently orphaned niece. Playing dolls is one thing, but Megan trailer 2 protective instincts go full HAL 9000 and all hell breaks loose.

Directed by Gerard Johnstone and written by Cooper alone, Megan is expected to defy the curse of the Bad January movies while defying the genre’s conventions to signal a chill season to horror fiends. Telecommuting promises some fun that hits in the slasher vein, but there are plenty of comedy beats sprinkled in as well.

Between directing the film and making his directorial debut in the Conjuring franchise, filmmaker James Wan has done everything he can to make the doll look great. He’s now continuing his mission with the killer robot movie Megan, which he co-produced with Jason Blum, whose new trailer you can watch below.

megan trailer 2 2023


The Gerard Johnson film stars Allison Williams as Gemma, a toy company scientist who gives her recently orphaned 8-year-old niece, Cady, a lifelike robot doll. Whose name is Megan, who has been made the biggest companion of children?

The film became a viral sensation earlier this year after the release of its first trailer, which featured Gudiya’s wild dance moves. Luckily, this new clip also features some top-notch choreography from her. Megan was written by Cooper alone and based on a story by Cooper and Wan. The cast of the film also includes The Daily Show comedian Ronnie Chiang. Megan will hit theaters on January 6th. Watch the new trailer for the film below.

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