Moon Knight Season 2 Oscar Isaac Sets the Record Straight on Renewal

Moon Knight Season 2: Oscar Isaac Sets the Record Straight on Renewal, 2022: Oscar Isaacs makes his long-awaited MCU debut on Disney+ as Mark Spector, Steven Grant, and Jake Lockley in the mind-bending and mysterious Moon Knight. But while his fellow Disney+ lead actors have already parted ways or are rumored to be out of the MCU in the future, there’s no indication that Isaac’s protagonist will be in or after the multiverse saga. Where can I return for more action?

The closest thing to Moon Knight for a Season 2 renewal was an August 2022 cryptic video by Isaac and director Mohamed Diab. However, Marvel has not made any official statement on this matter.

Rumors actually point to a renovation already behind the scenes. And of course, there are plenty of open slots on the slate for Marvel Studios to use in Phase 5 or Phase 6. After all, there’s a lot of anticipation for Jake Lockley to kill Arthur Harrow, especially given that Mark Spector’s deal with Khonshu is resolved.

But now that rumor may have almost thrown Moon Knight Season 2 in stone. Isaac brushes off any misconceptions that may have worked through the news stream.

Oscar Isaac talks about Moon Knight season 2

Moon Knight Season 2: Oscar Isaac

Speaking with, MCU star Oscar Isaacs revealed that he is in talks with Marvel Studios about his future with the franchise as Moon Knight. While a second season of Moon Knight on Disney+ hasn’t been confirmed, Isaacs revealed that he’s had “some specific conversations” about where Mark Spector and his transformation will go in future stories:

Whether he returns in Moon Knight Season 2 or a team-up outing, Isaac, along with his character, is focused on moving a story forward and making sure it works on what he wants to try. Excited: In the end, no matter what format Marvel uses for the return of Moon Knight, Isaac wants him to focus on the “story first” before deciding anything else:

Will Moon Knight Move to Season 2?

It does look like Marvel would want to go ahead with the second season of Moon Knight, though Oscar Isaacs seems to have a lot of power in his hands with that decision. He’s also admitted that the show was the biggest risk he’s ever taken in his career, so it only makes sense that he’s cautious with Marvel on how to plan Mark Spector’s journey over the next few years.

In every conversation about Moon Knight over the past few months, its cast and crew have discussed ideas they want to explore in Season 2, constantly operating under the impression that nothing has been confirmed yet. happened. Isaac’s most recent quotes only keep that idea alive, even though he certainly brings optimism after talking with Marvel about reprising the role.

Isaac’s protagonist has a dark history in the comics with teams like the Midnight Suns, which could lead Marvel to immediately bring him back with a bunch of other powerful heroes instead of Moon Knight’s second season. But no matter where or when Mark Spector comes back, there’s clearly no rush on Isaac’s side of the equation.

Thankfully, Isaac has also shared in previous interviews that his first season working with Marvel will be a far cry from his last time working as a mercenary.


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