Paris Hilton Red Swimsuit Anniversary Trip With Carter Reum In The Maldives (2022)

Paris Hilton Red Swimsuit Anniversary Trip With Carter Reum In The Maldives. Paris Hilton, 41, was having an incredible time during her recent one-year anniversary trip to the Maldives with Carter Ream. The socialite wore a red one-piece swimsuit and heart-shaped sunglasses with a white frame in the pictures, which were taken at the beautiful location. But wearing a red and white scarf, she was walking along the beach with her shirtless husband.

The beauty also added other photos to the Instagram post, and they showed the happy couple having fun during other moments during the trip. In one snapshot, she wore a blue and white patterned bikini while relaxing on a lounge chair near a unicorn float. Another featured the lovebirds embracing what looked like an outdoor pool or Jacuzzi, and in the rest of the photos, they were dressed to impress in outfits.

This included long dresses for Paris and button-down tops and pants for Carter as they held hands. And smiled in good weather. I have traveled all over the world and been to the most beautiful places. But I’ve never seen anything like @IthaafushiPrivateIsland on @WaldorfAstoriaMaldives. This private island is truly heaven on earth, how beautiful, romantic, and relaxing it is here! Feels like a dream!

I feel very lucky and blessed to be here celebrating our anniversary with my love. #LifeisBeautiful #Maldives, Paris captioned the epic post. Paris and Carter’s latest anniversary getaway comes just weeks after she and Carter attended the launch party for their virtual arena, Paris World, in Santa Monica, CA.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton
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The event took place on their anniversary date and they were all smiles as they wore pink outfits and matching outfits. She wore a catsuit and pink-framed sunglasses as she wore a light pink top under a black and pink jacket and black pants.

Paris and Carter were married on November 11, 2021, after being engaged for nearly nine months. They began dating in late 2019 and have spoken openly about trying to start a family through IVF treatment. In January 2021, on The Trend Reporter podcast, she said, If I want to, I can choose to have twins. I am really excited to move on to the next step in my life.

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