Rihanna’s silver football jersey and D Jewelry (1988)

Rihanna’s silver football jersey and D jewelry tease her upcoming Super Bowl performance, while her D jewelry appeared to be a possible hint at her baby’s name!

Rihanna creates quite a stir whenever she steps out, as there is a lot of buzz around the pop princess. With the news of their performance at the 2023 Super Bowl a few weeks ago,

The name of their 4-month-old son they shared with A$AP Rocky is a mystery and, as always, no word yet on the new music, Let’s just tell that the fans are watching every move of Rihanna. And such was the case when the Fenty designer was spotted in L.A. on Saturday, October 8.

Rihanna's silver football jersey and D Jewelry
image source by insider

Rihanna’s silver football jersey and D Jewelry

Donning a cool silver football jersey, Rihanna was seen teasing her much-anticipated performance at the Super Bowl, which she previously said left her both nervous and excited.

She also wore a smorgasbord of necklaces that featured the letter ‘D’, which may have been a possible sign on her name and A$ap’s little bundle of joy. And as to where her new music is concerned the singer has headed to a recording studio again after a few previous trips over the past few weeks.

A source close to the umbrella hitmaker EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife that the pair’s relationship is better than ever. Rihanna has seen a completely different side of Rocky that she never knew.

Ever since she welcomed her son into this world, she has fallen in love with him even more and she cherishes every moment of watching Rocky and his son bond. Rocky hasn’t left Rihanna’s side even once and he helps take care of her son in every way possible.

Rihanna and A$AP started dating in 2020 after being friends for several years. The pair announced the news of their pregnancy in January 2021 with an incredible maternity photoshoot in New York City. After this, he welcomed his son on 13 May.

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