The US strengthens Ukraine’s air defense (Oct. 13, 2022)

The US strengthens Ukraine’s air defense. The US and other NATO members on Wednesday pledged their immediate and long-term support for Ukraine, which has been ravaged by Russian missiles and drone attacks over the past two days, killing civilians, destroying buildings and almost the entire country has been destroyed. A third was damaged.

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said after meeting with allies at NATO headquarters in Brussels, The international community is united and focused and to do everything possible to help Ukraine defend its interests and defend its sovereign territory. committed to.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said on Wednesday that Ukraine has received its first IRIS-T air defense system from Germany and four more High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMAR) from the US.

The US strengthens Ukraine's air defense
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The US strengthens Ukraine’s air defense

This week’s deliveries were expedited, avenging a truck bomb that damaged an important Russian-built bridge in Crimea on Saturday. Ukraine has not claimed responsibility for the blast.

The US announced the sending of eight National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile Systems (NASAMS) to Ukraine; Two are expected to be delivered soon. In addition, the Netherlands said it would deliver air defense missiles worth $14.5 million, and France said it would also contribute to Ukraine’s air defense.

The more audacious and brutal Russian terror becomes, the more it becomes clear to the world that helping Ukraine defend the skies is one of the most important humanitarian tasks for Europe of our time.

Ukraine’s counter-attack slows. Why?

The Southern Operational Command said on Wednesday that Ukraine had captured five more villages in southern Kherson province. However, officials and military analysts pointed to a counter-offensive, which has reclaimed more than a thousand square miles of occupied territory to the east and south.

The Russian army strengthened its front line, blocking the advance of the Ukrainians. Hai Dai, the former Luhansk regional administrator, said the Russians were also setting up mines in the first section of the front line.

Eight arrested in Crimea bridge bombing

Russia’s domestic intelligence service said on Wednesday that five Russians were among eight suspects taken into custody in connection with an explosion affecting rail and vehicle traffic on the $3.6 billion Crimean bridge.

Ukraine’s military intelligence agency was behind Saturday’s attack on Europe’s longest 12-mile bridge. Ukrainian officials praised the incident but did not formally accept responsibility for the blast, which Russia says killed three people.

Five Russian citizens who participated in the preparation of the crime and three citizens of Ukraine and Armenia have been detained under a criminal case.

The explosives were shipped out of Ukraine’s Odesa city in August, and three Ukrainians, two Georgians, and one Armenian national were behind plans to arrange a delivery from Bulgaria to Russia via Georgia.

A Ukrainian national and five detained Russians had prepared documents for a Crimean firm to obtain explosives.

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