they Cloned Tyrone trailer explains 2022

John Boyega, Jamie Foxx, and Teyon Parris face a funky conspiracy in they Cloned Tyrone trailer

In the first trailer for the Netflix film, they Cloned Tyrone trailer, Three friends are operating, and stumble upon a bomb

The film stars John Boyega as Fontaine, Teyona Parris, and Jamie Foxx Slick, a trio who, in a hidden laboratory, discover a government conspiracy that isn’t just a theory. Now, the trio has to figure out how to crack the major league government-sponsored experiment that they suddenly find out about.

they Cloned Tyrone trailer
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they Cloned Tyrone trailer explains

In the two-minute teaser, for the first time, a trio is seen with guns in hand, and a man in lab coats without elevators, before heading into a room full of occupied test and experiment equipment.

What kind of bullshit is this? Clever whispers, trembling to tell Jamie not to touch the bullets raised before.

But when Fontaine captures the man and wants to find out who he is, the stranger gives a vague, almost ominous, answer. We are everywhere, he answers, and his voice echoes.

Set on Gap Band’s You Dropped a Bomb on Me, the remainder of the trailer reveals the wild chain of events the trio suddenly find themselves involved in – their calls being recorded, their whereabouts being videotaped. is – which hurts them towards the back answer. Funky, elaborate plot.

Jamie says Someone’s experimenting on us,

But when the trio tries to follow the trail in an attempt to uncover what’s really going on in this mysterious prank, their detective skills are put to the test as the group learns what’s going to happen to the heroes. It is a bit more complicated in comparison.

They Cloned Tyrone trailer ends with the group, whom they uncover in a lab, a body wrapped in foil, his face obscured from the angle of the camera. “I don’t know what that was,” said Fontaine. But that was not me.

Directed by Juel Taylor and co-written by Taylor and Tony Rittenmeyer, they clone Tyrone Foxx, Taylor, Rittenmaier, Charles D. King, Stephen “Dr” Love, Kim Roth, and Poppy Hanks with Datari Turner, Jack L. Made by Murray. , Dana Sano and Mark R. Wright serve as executive producers. Release date not announced yet

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