usa warns of ‘serious consequences for use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine 2022

usa warns of ‘serious consequences for use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine; Russian court upholds Griner’s 9-year term

According to CNBC Russia continues its allegation that Ukraine is planning to use a so-called “dirty bomb” on its territory, and says it will raise it with the United Nations. Ukrainian and Western officials have condemned the claim as a “pretext for aggression”.

Kyiv has urged a team from the UN monitoring agency to inspect its nuclear power facilities to refute Moscow’s claims.

A “bomb” is designed to contaminate a large area with radioactivity, making it harmful or uninhabitable to its residents, without a nuclear explosion.

Meanwhile, a Russian court dismissed WNBA star Brittany Griner’s appeal after the US athlete was convicted on drug charges earlier this year.

Russia’s rising coal exports to China hindered: Reuters

usa warns of 'serious consequences for use of nuclear
image source by CNBC

Industry sources and officials said Russian coal exports to energy-hungry China rose by about a third this year, but supplies are accelerating due to limitations in transportation infrastructure.

China is seeking coal supplies from overseas, especially in the major coal mining regions of Inner Mongolia and Shaanxi after the recent COVID-19 outbreak forced many mines to close, while power generation and heating The demand for coal in the regions will increase with the coming soon. winter.

The Kremlin plans to increase its energy supplies to Asia, particularly China, to offset a drop in exports to the West, which has imposed sanctions on Russia over the conflict in Ukraine.

Russia is the world’s sixth-largest coal producer and one of the top coal exporters, along with Indonesia and Australia. Its share in global coal exports reached 17% last year with a supply of 223 million tonnes.


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